Financial Planning with Life Insurance

Marc Arthrell |

Most people are familiar with the basic concepts of life insurance and understand that some level of protection is a necessary part of modern financial life.  The question of what life insurance can actually accomplish, when considered as part of an overall financial plan, is more involved and worth a closer look.

When considering life insurance start by reviewing your goals

A good life insurance plan starts with your goals in mind, and a conversation between you and your financial planner. Instead of limiting the scope of what you discuss with your financial planner, try to apply as broad a perspective on your goals conversation as you can. Examples of common goals could include the following:

  • Debt reduction
  • Income replacement
  • Business continuity planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Providing for the next generation

Life insurance can be a great way to accomplish any of the above goals and a whole host of others not mentioned here.

A multi-faceted approach to your insurance portfolio

What about when you have multiple goals to achieve? When this is the case, insurance and proper planning can come together to meet even the most complex needs.

Some individuals may have mortgages they want paid off using the proceeds from life insurance, but also want to leave money for children when they are old enough to put it to good use. Simply buying a larger life insurance policy than is needed to retire the mortgage, probably isn’t the right answer, but neither is locking all the future proceeds in a trust for the future and not having a plan for paying off the mortgage ASAP.

In these instances having multiple policies with different features and benefits may be the right approach. Immediate needs can be met with one pool of insurance, while more distant goals are accomplished with another dedicated insurance policy. As an alternative your planner may still recommend a single insurance product but that it is used in conjunction with various trust and estate planning tools so it will meet the needs of your family over the long-term.

What can life insurance do while I’m still alive?

The death benefits of life insurance are often publicized, and for good reason, as they provide protection when families are at their most vulnerable; that said, one of the great, but often underutilized, benefits of life insurance is what it can do for you while you are still alive.

Permanent life insurance can act as a kind of forced savings, allowing the cash value of the policy itself to accumulate over time and provide another source of liquidity for important goals like education or retirement. Oftentimes, these policies offer relatively attractive interest rates, meaning that the policy can accrue significant value over time. This isn’t to say that raiding the life insurance piggy bank is a good idea in all circumstances, but it’s nice to have an option within your financial plan that can provide for the future while managing cash needs today. 

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